About Us

TagnDeal is an innovative product for all the deals you locate in TagnSell. We offer free digital marketing for the business to assist with discovering buyers and sell their products in quickest mode.


TagnDeal business model is unique. In our platform you can tag your business for free in www.tagnsell.com and can move your items by choosing the selling classification "TagnDeal", yet require the vendors to pay service charges dependent on the category you select in TagnSell.

Free deal below 1000 INR is an added feature that one can deal and sell their items which is less expensive.


This Google map business model is great to build trust with our business located and deal with the genuine buyers. Locate for free is our strategy and digital Marketing is our service. Market your business now in a highly professional way.


TagnSell and TagnDeal will be using the most popular business/social media platform for marketing, branding and to deal with the business. Our business model ensures to reach the right audience through our digital analytics team. We use different business analytics approach to find out the right audience and will help to sell and find the buyers.


TagnSell and TagnDeal combo will make your business simpler and easier. Take away your stress from your business and deal with us.


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